Barcelona has more than 150km bike lanes and more than 20.000 public parking available for bicycles. It’s the major city of Spain that promotes its usage. Although Barcelona is not flat and pending free, like Amsterdam is, capital of bicycle usage, a big part of the city can be visited comfortably on this transport.

Barcelona has a service of public transportation called “Bicing”. These Bicycles are red and black colour and it is quite common seeing citizens at any time by the streets doing everyday use of them.

By being a public transportation service, it is necessary to have the “Bicing Card”. This card has to be requested in Bicing offices or online. It’s annual cost is of 29,66€ and only Spanish residents can use it.

If you are visiting Barcelona for a few days, we can recommend a variety of establishments where you can rent bikes.



Sobre movilidad. Mapa de los carriles bici de la ciudad de Barcelona
About mobility. Maps of bike lanes in Barcelona

Mapa de estacionamientos para bicicletas
Bicycle parking map

Guía de bolsillo Barcelona en bicicleta 2011
Poket guide: Barcelona in bicycle 2011

Alquiler y tours en bicicleta:
Rent and tours in bicycle:

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